Saturday, February 7, 2009


We took the boys sledding a couple of times on the Christmas break and had a blast. This was Kylers first attempt at snowboarding and was a bit frustrated when it wasn't as easy as it looks. I really need to get them into lessons. If only I had all the time and money... Gavin in true form. I know I know I made him wear a helmet but I've seen way too many head injuries in my line of work. But he's cute no matter what you put on him. He found a snow cave someone had made and had a ton of fun climbing on and in it.

Kyler and Gavin havin fun going down the hill together. I love the looks on their faces.

What can I say about Corb? He is always the comedian. Funny enough he is also kind of the dare-devil too. Most of all he likes to pose for funny pictures.

So anyway, I've decided that I am pretty much the worst blogger ever. Two updates in one day isn't bad though right?


Sassy Crafter Gal said...

I was so excited to see that you have a blog! It's kind of fun.

Your little boys are too cute for words...

Lindsay Cutler said...

Good call on the helmet. :-) Your maui pics make me want to go BACK!!!!

Brand797 said...

Your boys are soooo cute!